Systemic Change

PI's original and primary mission is to raise up professional and volunteer investigators so that we can right one injustice at a time, save one person from spending the rest of his/her life in prison. But we have, actually, four missions because these injustices do not happen in a vaccum.

It is relatively easy to spot a single injustice. It is quite another matter to understand the nature of the systemic problems that cause so many wrongful convictions to occur. 

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One good place to begin is to look at the latest data on exonerations which have occurred since 1989. They show patterns. Some will not surprise you, but others will.

Resumed Innocent

The advent of DNA testing has changed the criminal and judicial landscape for good. The people at the Innocence Project in New York have spearheaded its use and have gone way beyound individual cases to a very holistic work, not in the least reforming many of the practices of police work and educating juries that the most persuasive evidence in their eyes, eye witness identification, has a shockingly bad record.

This May 31st, 2010 Time Magazine article asks the question, If [Scheck] is no more than a crusader for truth, then why is his mission so controversial?,9171,1990809-1,00.html