How to Retrieve Your Password

Click on the menu Register/Logon on the top menu on the right.

At the logon module, you will find a link called "Forgot Logon". Click it.

Though we have configured the site so that you can log on with your email address, which people remember more easily, the system still requires a "user name". If you have forgotten your password and you do not know your user name, you must retrieve your user name first. After that, your password.

In each case, just type in the information, and the system will email you the information.

We encourage you to change your password to something easier to remember. Here is how you do it:

After logging in and clicking on the Register/Logon menu, you will see the User Menu on the left. Click Your Profile. Once there, click Edit and Update your profile. There you will be able to put in a new, more memorable password for future logins.