How Do I Keep Up-to-Date

We make this as simple as possible. There are several ways to keep up-to-date with what is happening with wrongful convictions.

Our primary way for getting the word out is through Twitter. PI uses Tweets to give a short description of what we think is the best article on the web that day. Then, if you are interested, you may click the link and read the entire article. Short articles frequently sent. Optionally, you may have the tweets appear as messages on your smart phone. 

Our newsletter is sent about every two months, sometimes with shorter topical updates. Subscribe to our newsletter

The website itself is a great way to keep up. We encourage you to visit often, but there is a more convenient way. By clicking on an RSS feed in any particular area, your browser or Outlook client will automatically update when any new material is added. 

How To Learn about Wrongful Convictions

It is our intension that this web site become a portal for learning about the problem of wrongful convictions. You will find most of the material under the Main Menu item The Problem.

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