Other Cases of Interest

Due to limited capacity, there are many cases PI becomes aware about, but is not in a position to assist. Still, we wish there was something we could do to help.

So, we want to make them available to the general public in the hope that someone or some group might take the case. PI does not stand behind each case as a bonifide wrongful conviction, with the exception of the Lobato case. How can we, since we have not investigated? The best way to describe our decision to post a case is that our gut tells us it is legitimate or worth looking into, and that by making this available to the general public, some one may step up to the plate. It must be left up to another to prove these people have been wrongfully convicted.

Each case we post will have information so you can contact those involved directly. Please do not contact us about the case. We are only a conduit.

Kirstin "Blaise" Lobato

Kirstin Blaise Lobato is an innocent 29 year old woman who was wrongfully convicted of murder in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2002. Despite the fact that no DNA evidence found at the scene tied her to the crime and multiple alibi witnesses were available to testify that she was 170 miles away the day the murder occured in Las Vegas, she has spent the last ten years of her life in prison.

In April of this year, Proving Innocence joined in an amicus curiae for Kirstin. The Nevada Supreme Court has now denied the amicus curiae motion.

In unfortunately typical behavior in wrongful conviction cases like this, Clark County District Attorney Steven Wolfson refuses to allow The Innocence Project to pay for DNA testing of the evidence.

We encourage you to go to Justice 4 Kirsten and read how you can make your voice heard. Over 136,000 signatures have been collected on a petition to ask the DA to allow the testing. There is also a great summary of Kirstin's case put together by Hans Sherrer of Justice Denied. Go to http://justicedenied.org/lobato/lobato.htm

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Bobby Salas

Bobby Don Salas -420573
Recently Changed Feb 2017
Stanley Correctional Institution
100 Corrections Drive
Stanley, WI 54768-6500

State of Wisconsin v. Bobby D. Salas
Pierce County Case No. 02-CF-51

Appeal No. 04-0037-CR
District 3 Court of Appeals
Sentence: 28 years (bi-bifurcated) /18 years initial confinement/10 years extended supervision: 10 years probation (concurrent with extended supervision).
Tammy Abramson, and now Lynn Whisenant, have taken an interest in a case which they believe to be a wrongful conviction of a man who is actually innocent. Lynn is looking for the right lawyer or team willing to right this injustice, knowing there is little chance of being compensated for their work. Lynn would like to thank anyone who takes the time to read this.
Bobby Salas has been wrongfully imprisoned since 2002 for a crime that never occurred. There is a lot of "drama", lies, manipulation and corruption surrounding this case. Bobby's girlfriend, Heidi Breitbach, was a student at the University of River Falls, Wisconsin.It all began when Heidi’s roommate filed a false report stating that Bobby had brutally beaten Heidi. Since this never occurred, Breitbach filed her own report against her roommate.  The manipulative roommate talked two other girls on campus into filing similar false reports. One of the women later recanted her claim prior to his trial and refused to participate in the prosecution against him. 
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During the investigation of the alledged crime, Bobby's girlfriend became pregnant with his child and moved in with Bobby. Several months later, Bobby and Heidi broke up and she moved out. Heidi did not want Bobby to have any contact with their child.When he informed her that he would seek full custody citing that she wasn’t fit to be a parent, Heidi replied, “Yeah? Well, I have a plan to make sure that you never see my child.” Following this threat, she then contacted the detective that was investigating the false charges made earlier by her roommate. However, Heidi greatly embellished the roommates false report by adding that she had been sexually assaulted as well as being brutally beaten.
Bobby's appellate lawyer stated "Salas has already explained that Breitbach's credibility was the central issue in this case, and there were numerous reason to doubt it. She had motive to lie. She gave numerous inconsistent stories and her testimony seemed improbable at best".

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