Ron Keine

Ron Keine

Ron Keine has been an activist against the death penalty ever since he was 9 days away from being executed when the real murderer came forward and confessed. A biography can be found at Witness to Innocence. Ron is a sought after speaker against the death penalty. He has been on the Larry King Show, various radio talk shows and a 2007 PBS documentary highlights a speech he gave at Bluffton University.

With no death penalty in Michigan, Ron is excited about investing time with Proving Innocence and feels especially called to investigative work.

Ron lives in the Detroit area with his wife. You may email Ron by clicking here.

Herb Welser

Herb Welser

Herb was involved in Temujin Kensu's case and thoroughly believed in his innocence. He has been a regular advisor to PI, helping with investigations and helping us to secure other investigators.

Herb has been a licensed Michigan Professional Investigator since 2005.  He is retired from the Port Huron Police Department after 31 years of service.  His position at retirement was Detective Lieutenant.  Herb is a graduate of Northwestern University School of Staff & Command and is a member of the National Association of Legal Investigators & Michigan Council of Professional Investigators. You may email Herb by clicking here.

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