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Directions for Submissions

How to Submit Articles and Book Reviews

Below are some guidelines for submissions. Anyone desiring to submit an article or a web link, must first write This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. requesting to be given "author" permissions.

Please know that not every article will necessarily be accepted. We reserve the right to edit your submission, but will not publish it until we have sent the changes to you and have your permission. We have some thoughts that may help your article get published and offer them to you as guidance.

No vulgarity of any kind, unless it is part of a quote and necessary to the story or for accuracy.

We all know that there is a problem with our criminal justice system and that is why we are here. However, we are not inclined to publish articles which make sweeping generalizations, such as portraying all prosecutors or police as corrupt. That simply is not true and would lower our credibility.

We will post more guidance as we learn from experience.

First, please register on our site. Rather than going into detail about who you are and us having to transfer this information to our database, if you register, you can give us all the information you want and we will have it in a format we can access in the future.

After registering, please log in to our site and then select the Register/Login menu one more time and a Users Menu will appear on your left.

Select "Submit an Article".

Make sure you select the Section, Learning, and the appropriate Category, such as Book Reviews.

Please include the following with your submission in the provided fields:

Metadata. These are like key words will help search engines find your article, as well as promote our site.

Key words. Key words help others to find your article when they are on our site and do a search. It also helps when a user selects "Related articles."

If you submit more than one article, it is important to submit your name as author in the exact same way, so that all your articles will be listed under a single author and not one under Bill Branham and one under William Branham.

We look forward to contributions from a wide range of people and perspectives. We wish you the best as we work together to correct and prevent wrongful convictions.

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