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Fighting for Justice Radio Program

Hosted by Richard Bernstein

On Various Tuesdays from Noon to 1 p.m.
on WCHB-1200, Detroit

Fighting for Justice will examine wrongful convictions and other social justice issues. It is hosted by Richard Bernstein who is no stranger to taking on the issues that discriminate against people who have less. Richard is a highly acclaimed and accomplished lawyer in the Detroit area.

The first show, Jan 3rd, will feature Ken Wyniemko, a friend and advisor of Proving Innocence. Ken is an exoneree who spent 8.5 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Since his exoneration, Ken has worked tirelessly to institute legislative reforms to change the system, as well as supported exonerees in their difficult challenge of readjusting to normal life outside of prison.

Proving Innocence's site is one convenient place you can come to where you will find a widget that will stream the program live. But in the event that you miss a show or want to review others, we will record and archive all the shows that deal with wrongful convictions.

Listeners are encourage to call in to 313.298.1200 to ask questions of Richard or his guest or to express your own views on the subject.


Fighting for Justice Radio Program


Click here for previously recorded programs

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Angelo Henderson Radio Download

In 2012 Ken Wyniemko was a special guest of Richard Bernstein, who served as co-host with the late Angelo Henderson on 1200 AM Detroit Radio. This segment of the show was dedicated to understanding wrongful convictions and what can be done to free the wrongfully convicted and prevent others from this fate.

Click Angelo Henderson Radio Program  to download any of the recorded programs.


The Research Corner

In The Research Corner, Professor Marvin Zalman presents summaries of current academic research on wrongful conviction in a succinct and readable format. We hope that the summaries will provide you with a more sophisticated understanding of innocence issues and stimulate further interest.




For Those Desiring PI to look at Your Case


At this point in our development, PI is only taking on cases in cooperation with other innocence projects. If you have been wrongfully convicted and your case involves DNA evidence, we recommend you contact the Cooley Innocence Project at Western Michigan Cooley Law School. If your case does not involve DNA, please contact the Michigan Innocence Clinic at the University of Michigan Law School. A third member of the Innocence Network is SADO, the State Appelate Defense Organization. For cases outside of Michigan, here is a list of innocence projects by state.