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Proving Innocence to hold its first Fundraiser!

October 1st,  2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

1508 Northwood Blvd, Royal Oak, MI 48073

Proving Innocence's first fundraiser will be a chance for folks to mingle with four very special people.

stephaniechangThe stevebiedaWrongful Imprisonment Compensation Act brought Michigan up to date with the rest of the country in compensating those imprisoned for crimes they did not commit. In recognition of their efforts, we will be hearing from two who sponsored the bill, Senator Steve Bieda, and Representative Stephanie Chang.


PI will also be honoring two people, without whose efforts the Michigan Innocence Clinic (MIC) probably would never have even looked at the Jamie Peterson case. They are Bob Carey, an attorney in Kalkaska, and Al Millstein, retired attorney, living in Royal Oak. Carey and Millstein always thought that Peterson was innocent. Carey, living in the same town made it his personal mission to support the parents of Peterson through years of his imprisonment, and together Carey and Millstein, pulled together all the court documents, scattered in many different locations, and presented them to Moran in such a way that he knew this was a winnable case.

bobcareymillsteinThe MIC and other projects tend to receive the recognition, as they should, because they win the cases in the courts. But becoming aware of this behind-the-scenes story that allowed MIC to take on the case, PI felt these two people should be appropriately honored. Will you join us on October 1st and help us to do this!

It is important that we get a head count, so if you are planning on coming, please go to this link and register. Thank you so much!

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Angelo Henderson Radio Download

In 2012 Ken Wyniemko was a special guest of Richard Bernstein, who served as co-host with the late Angelo Henderson on 1200 AM Detroit Radio. This segment of the show was dedicated to understanding wrongful convictions and what can be done to free the wrongfully convicted and prevent others from this fate.

Click Angelo Henderson Radio Program  to download any of the recorded programs.


The Research Corner

In The Research Corner, Professor Marvin Zalman presents summaries of current academic research on wrongful conviction in a succinct and readable format. We hope that the summaries will provide you with a more sophisticated understanding of innocence issues and stimulate further interest.




For Those Desiring PI to look at Your Case


At this point in our development, PI is only taking on cases in cooperation with other innocence projects. If you have been wrongfully convicted and your case involves DNA evidence, we recommend you contact the Cooley Innocence Project at Western Michigan Cooley Law School. If your case does not involve DNA, please contact the Michigan Innocence Clinic at the University of Michigan Law School. A third member of the Innocence Network is SADO, the State Appelate Defense Organization. For cases outside of Michigan, here is a list of innocence projects by state.